New Central Alberta Office Grand Opening

Posted by: Trevor Baragar

As this is our first post, I feel it’s appropriate to express gratitude to the people and organizations of Central Alberta. Having moved to Red Deer from Saskatchewan in 2010, I am a relatively new citizen within the community. Launching the business in 2012 was a bit like walking into the unknown. Having only lived here for a short time, I did not have the deep rooted network normally required to start a successful business. Fortunately, Central Alberta is full of people and organizations willing to give newcomers a shot! The people of Central Alberta work hard, work smart and keep their promises. Our experience has been that if you do the same, there is a place for you here. I’m truly grateful to all the people that have helped LEX3 find a home in Central Alberta.

We’ve recently moved to the fourth floor of the Millennium Centre in Downtown Red Deer. We’re very proud of our new space and look forward to a long future serving the communities of Central Alberta.