Calvin Crook’s Contributions to Canada Task Force 2

Canada Task Force 2 (CANTF2), is a division of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency and is one of five nationally recognized Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) teams in Canada. Based in Alberta, CANTF2 is an “all-hazards” Disaster Response Team with a diverse capacity to respond to a variety of man-made and natural disasters.

The team is composed of over 150 Rescue Specialists, Doctors, Paramedics, Structural Engineers, Communication Specialists, Canine & Technical Searchers, Logistics Specialists, and Command Staff, who volunteer their time to train and prepare so they can respond as a highly specialized team, capable of handling a wide variety of demanding disaster and rescue situations.

LEX3 is pleased to support one of our own employees, Calvin Crook, as a member of CANTF2, filling both a Structural Engineering Specialist and Technical Search Specialist capacity for the team. Since joining the CANTF2 team in 2017, Calvin has volunteered over 300 hours to training and exercises with the team, including a full-scale exercise in Fairfax County VA, USA.

For more information regarding CANTF2, you can visit www.cantf2.com or click here.